The Library

The Francisco de Zabálburu Library was created when the Francisco de Zabálburu Palace was built between 1872 and 1877 by the Royal architect José Segundo de Lema, disciple of the French architect Violet le Duc, to whom he dedicated a wing of the building. Previously, the land had been part of the Public Granary since the 16th century.

The vast collection of manuscripts and printed documents was installed there, in cabinets designed with the same style as the rest of the building. The Room was decorated by combining the taste of that time with usefulness in order to work on tasks related to research. Requirements such as light, among others, were taken into account to better preserve the items to be kept in the Library. Large windows were put in. They could be closed perfectly to prevent the impact of direct and damaging sunlight.

Retrato de Francisco Zabalburu

Portrait, Joaquín Sorolla